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Friday, December 01, 2006


Online content such as databases, interactive graphics and streaming video are now allowed to be submitted in all non-photography award categories in the Pulitzer Prize competitions.

According to this piece on, the online content must remain part of a single presentation. The content also includes blogs, slide shows and video presentations.

Pulitzer administrator Sig Gissler feels that in a "rapidly changing media world," it was imperative for the organization to embrace multimedia in news content. He also said that the new rule puts the decision on what to submit in the hands of the newspaper.

"In effect, a newspaper must call out which online element it wants to be considered," Gissler mentioned in the piece. "If an element has multiple parts, such as a graphic with various entry points, the conceptual logic linking the parts must be clear."

The AP wire story details that while online content was allowed in all non-photography categories, they were restricted to written stories or still images. Still, it didn't stop New York Times multimedia reporter Nicholas Kristof from grabbing the commentary prize in 2006 for his columns on the Darfur saga and other topics.


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