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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The world of journalism has been fragmented and cut into niche pieces for awhile. So with the genesis of Al-Jazeera English and the upcoming launch of the French government-backed France 24, cable TV news is only going with the flow with these new channels. Every place in the world deserves its own voice in my opinion. Through them, we as Americans can kinda pop the bubble that Americans sometimes create around our country and have a better idea of what is truly going on in the world without any chance of alleged 'pro-Western' bias.

However, we can't really be assured of a truly non-biased news channel. There will always be biases of sort - conservative or liberal, Arabic or Israeli, and so on. We can all try to mitigate it as much as we can, but what if AJE and France 'Vinght-Quatre' are foreshadows of a bigger wave? Even if stations like these cut their bias to miniscule levels, it can add up if there's more involved. And that can have adverse side effects, including among other things, omitting information to fit the story or a lack in accuracy in the story.

I think that soon, there will be more cable news channels in other far-flung places, even more so that Al-Jazeera's home base of Doha, Qatar. And as the wave grows, journalists from all over the world will have to stick to their guns even more when it comes to ethics and not letting personal views get in the way for the sake of crowd-pleasing and ratings. They will be tempted to do so as it often meets with major success (see Fox News or, if you choose to believe, Al-Jazeera classic). I just hope AJE and France 24 can stay above the fray and eventually evolve into top-flight news organizations.


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